Family orientations and therapeutic steps to help the alcoholic

Alcoholism is a problem that not only affects the person suffering from alcohol addiction, it is also a problem for the circle of family and friends who try to understand what is happening.

In this Online Psychology guide, we will offer Family Orientations and therapeutic steps to help the alcoholic. This article was originally designed by the author to be delivered to the family of the alcoholic patient. We hope this article can help you as a guide, however if you think that you or someone in your family has an alcohol problem, it is essential to visit a professional.


How to help an alcoholic relative: previous comments

First of all it is good to remind you that “a person with alcohol dependence” is that person to whom drinking causes problems in his personal, family and / or social life. They have lost their ability to abstain and stop with alcohol, suffering a dependence, both physical and psychic – which determines the appearance of visible disturbances. He cannot think, understand, study, work, or distinguish good and evil. The alcoholic is a sick person who can recover for himself, his family and society.


Helpful tips for family members of alcoholics

Someone in your family has alcohol problems. His drinking has caused him difficulties in one or more areas of his life. The most appropriate relationships with other people have been diminishing or have disappeared completely. He or she has received notices from their bosses at work or has ended up unemployed because of the drink. Even your children may have received less attention than they should during the stages in which their father or mother have drunk. Household chores have been completely neglected. Invoices and debts have begun to pile up as soon as the person with alcohol problems has neglected their budget and did not make payments. He or she may have just spent your pay quickly to buy alcohol or pay debts due to drinking.

At this point, health problems due to alcohol may also have arisen. Some people also experience memory gaps or forgetfulness because of alcohol, which means they don’t remember what they did for some periods of time. There may also have been problems with fines or driving license withdrawals for driving under the influence of the drink. In short, the list of problems could be extended almost indefinitely, since each one has had and has its problems derived from drinking.

If your family member has started or wants to start a treatment for the problem of alcohol, you may begin to notice better physically, mentally and emotionally. The detoxification phase is important and after getting it, your family member will be starting to feel a little more optimistic as withdrawal symptoms disappear. Part of your sadness and regrets are beginning to emerge. But how is the rest of the family? How are you? If your case is similar to the rest of the family, surely you are full of mixed feelings, some positive and others negative.

You may feel some relief and hope but you may still feel angry and rejection if the communication between them has been broken. You may have tried to talk to each other in the end just to end up in discussions or without addressing the word. You may also feel guilty to some extent that you have not succeeded in getting your family member to stop drinking even if you have tried with all your might. You may have searched for wine, liquor, etc., found it, hidden or, emptied it through the sink.


How to help an alcoholic who does not recognize himself

You may have asked, shouted or begged for him or her to stop drinking. You may also sometimes have tried to cover up and excused him. You might even get him to buy alcohol because he was very restless or restless without him. Many relatives feel bad because they have not managed to stop their relatives from drinking. Children often blame themselves for their parents’ drinking problems. In short, family members are under the burden of great stress.

You may have developed your own interests, friends and activities to keep your own identity “safe.” But according to hostility it has been growing in your families, you have not been able to allow your family to continue like this for a moment. You have already heard before him or her to promise that they would stop drinking. It is also likely that you are afraid that he or she will go into treatment and that no change will last.


Treatment programs for family members of an alcoholic

Many people like you, hesitate to trust and risk losing if you commit to supporting your family member and even making some kind of changes in yourself. It is very natural that all family members have these positive and negative feelings. This is why it is very important that the whole family becomes part of the treatment or help programs.

As you enter the program, you will realize that you will have the opportunity to bring to light your feelings and share them with others similar to those of other families. It will be an opportunity for you to see that you are not alone. At the same time it will also be an opportunity for you to learn information about alcohol and drinking problems. In addition, new communication skills will be learnt and family roles and responsibilities may be redefined. You will have the opportunity to know how to handle your feelings and desires to help your family member maintain his abstinence. On him or her falls the responsibility of not drinking alcohol but surely others can also help you with your support.



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