How to reduce stress while quitting smoking

Quitting smoking may seem like the hardest thing in the world, you’ve tried so many times without success. But you should not give up. The advantages are numerous and the benefits to your health will be even greater.

Quitting smoking is a great achievement. You already know that tobacco hurts your health and those who must breathe the smoke from the cigarettes you smoke. Surely you have heard that this habit hurts your lungs, heart and skin, which increases the chances of having cancer in the future, just to mention some of its negative consequences.

“Smoking is harmful to health.” But all that is not enough for you to make the decision and give up the habit forever. Nor does it help you to think that cigarette leaves a bad smell, which affects your sense of smell, that generates unnecessary extra expense and many other factors that go beyond health.

If nothing causes you to quit and you have tried it before, and the anxiety and tension generated by the mere fact of depriving yourself of a cigarette causes you to fall back into temptation, here are seven keys to fighting stress while you quit smoking, so that the next time you face this situation do not give up before a cloud of smoke.

Rule number 1 : change the way you think. Quitting smoking does not have to be so difficult, only that you are so used to hearing it that you have convinced yourself that you will not be able to live without a cigarette in your hand. However, you may be a successful person who achieves the goals set, and even takes great care of his health, except that you cannot quit tobacco. Think of it this way: you stop smoking every time you put out a cigarette, what leads you to light another? Is it anxiety?

Rule number 2 : be prevented. If you are going to make the decision to quit tobacco, keep in mind that some difficult weeks are waiting for you. Actually, it is considered that physical addiction to cigarettes disappears after the first days or weeks of abandoning it. However, many times the nerves are treacherous and the temptation is stronger. You must be aware of this and get ready to face that. Something that can help you, for example, is to think of a good reason to quit smoking, the one that encourages you not to resume the habit in difficult situations and, for example, repeat it to yourself when you are at a party where You know there will be other smokers and you, contrary to what everyone expects, this time you will say: “No, thanks, I don’t smoke anymore.”

Rule number 3 : look for an activity that you like. You will be making enough effort to avoid falling into temptation. Do not hesitate to give yourself a taste and do those things that make you feel so good. You can buy a CD of your group or your favorite artist (you can even use the money you are saving from cigarettes), and listen to it in those moments of tension, in which you miss taking the lighter to reiterate that habit of which you are already released.

Rule number 4 : start an exercise routine. Sport and physical activity are the best allies when it comes to fighting stress because they help you release tension and change the energy of your thoughts.

Rule number 5 : don’t let your guard down and always think positive. Every time you look tempted, you can repeat that great reason that has driven you to make the decision and repeat yourself internally that you do not need to smoke and that you can spend the good and bad moments for yourself, without the help of the cigarette In fact, the cigarette does not solve your problems or help you feel more secure in any social event, only until now you had not noticed.

Rule number 6 : try to avoid worrying about long-term problems. At this moment you are worried that you will never light a cigarette again. Find a practical solution to the immediate problems that you can solve and try to momentarily forget about those that are longer term, let them pass and promise yourself that you will take care of them later, when you feel stronger and more sure.

Rule number 7 : do not replace cigarettes with another habit that can be harmful as well. Many people calm the tension generated by the lack of tobacco by eating sweets or snacks impulsively, without being able to stop. This is also not healthy and in a short time it will make you feel bad in front of the mirror, which can make you fall. Remember that you do not need anything other than yourself to face situations that generate tension, whether good or bad.


The sooner you can control anxiety, the greater the chances of success in this task.


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