Information on Treatment Centers

When it is not possible to avoid or moderate the use of one or several drugs, and this causes disorders and problems, perhaps the time has come to seek professional help; such as a inpatient treatment center.

There you will find a team of professionals from various disciplines (medicine, nursing, psychology and social work) specialized in the treatment of people affected by drug addiction problems (heroin, cocaine, alcohol, psychoactive drugs, cannabis, synthetic drugs and others).


Who are the centers addressed to?

To people over 18 who have problems with alcohol and / or other drugs, and their families. Access If the person is a minor, you can go to the Care Program for adolescents with substance use.


What are you offering?

Reception, information and advice for patients and their families. Information, guidance and advice in the social, family, labor, economic, judicial, training and leisure fields. Psychological treatment with motivational support (Individual, group and family therapy) Health and preventive health education programs (syringe exchange and condom facilitation).

Pharmacological medical treatment for detoxification, substitute treatments (methadone maintenance program), relapse prevention and other associated organic complications, vaccinations and others.


Other services available


Home is where the heart is.
Yin Yang Homes provides safe and stable roommate living for professionals and students as they transition from a recovery environment back into the stream of life. Our Men’s graduate homes foster community, accountability, and sobriety for our residents as they transition into greater responsibility and freedom. Our upscale homes are family environments and we hold a strict zero tolerance on the use of drugs and alcohol. In this way we can maintain secure, comfortable and safe havens from the stresses of everyday life, where our residents can rejuvenate, fellowship, and follow their dreams.

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