What happens when you stop using cocaine?

Everyone is aware that cocaine is a very harmful substance for the well being of a person. It is a toxic substance that causes changes in the brain and significant neuropsychological damage. Dependence turns the life of the user into a real hell. Addiction is one of the most serious diseases that exists because it affects the psychiatric level and also causes very important medical damage to the consumer and their environment. Therefore, leaving cocaine, entails a series of very important physical and psychological benefits. Below we list the benefits of leaving cocaine.


1 – Avoid securing addiction

During the life of the user, one lives in a permanent state of anxiety, nervousness, anger and aggressiveness. There is an inability to control recurring emotions and ideas in your head. What leaves the addition in a person’s life is loneliness, sadness and many problems. The excess life you lead will not end well. There are few possible endings and if it is not recovery, you have madness, jail and death.


2 – Stop leading a chaotic life

Leaving cocaine will allow you to escape from a chaotic, messy life, with cycles of full speed consumption and cycles of depression and anxiety.

You will not wake up in the middle of the night with shocks. You will avoid leading a life devoted to scares, to regrets. Your nervous system is very affected since cocaine affects the central nervous system. Therefore, it has an impact on your nerves and sleep cycles. You will stop waking up thinking that you have lost your identity card, looking at your alarm clock that you are not going to get to that important date, thinking that you have returned to mess it up and feeling that you want to end everything in a drastic way. End the cycles of trying to quit and relapse. With a good treatment, there is recovery.

You will recover self-esteem and tranquility because you will stop letting yourself down and also the people around you. They are asking you to stop using. You know that it is bringing you conflicts, discussions and fights with your partner. You know they have lost confidence, they have lost confidence in you and yet you cannot leave it.


3 – Recover control

In this way, getting out of cocaine will allow you to regain control. Recover control over your behavior and restore the stability of your emotions. The nervous system is greatly impaired with consumption and mental disorders that affect the area of ​​emotions, thought processes develop.

You will stop losing your nerves for anything. In the processes of addiction, by the unconscious desire to consume, any small detail can trigger a process of hysteria and despair. For example, not finding house keys, can precipitate a picture of aggressiveness and self-harm. You will avoid becoming a troubled and abusive person. You will avoid becoming a character, a cartoon of yourself where you’re good qualities will be deformed by your excesses. You will stop feeling lonely, depressed, and anxious, on the verge of madness


4 – Recover damaged functions at the brain level and avoid damaging those you still have healthy

It has been shown that some of the damage caused by cocaine at the neuropsychological level is not reversible. They do not recover. Some disappear after withdrawal, may take months or years. However, others do not recover fully. Cocaine affects the brain areas that control attention, learning, memory and also executive functions such as decision making, speech, mental agility or working memory and others. In the same way, you will regain concentration and judgment.


5 – You will stop lying

Cocaine is a consumption that requires hiding. It is not legal like alcohol and therefore, at night, its consumption is restricted to the bathrooms of public places, always hidden, to go out to cars, to expose you to get caught. You will not need to hide or manipulate any more.



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